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What is

It is an Investment Program, whose members receive income from their investments (depending on the plan chosen) in a period of time.

What are the interests on deposits provided by?

There are no interests attached to deposits.

What are the minimun deposits and withdrawals?

The minimum deposit is $100 while minimum withdrawal is $0.5.

How many minutes does it take for my withdrawal to reflect in my external wallet?

Withdrwals are processed instantly but if there is delay, it can take between an hour to 48 hours.Therefore you justt have to be patient or write to our live chat support or you email us.

Where can I read about the conditions?

In the "Rules" section.

How can I get involved and make a deposit?

To become a member you need to register. After that, choose the investment plans you like and follow the instructions to make the deposit.

Can I make more than one deposit?

Yes, the amount to be deposited is unlimited. You can make deposits to various plans.

What payment systems does the project work with?

we accept Litecoin, Dash, Doge and Bitcoincash at the moment. we will still others in the nearest future.

Can I make withdraw from another payment system?

No, payments are made through the same payment system, to which the deposit was made.

How can I get paid from the project?

In your account, there will be added money available for withdrawal. Order them for withdrawal and they will go into your wallet.

Can I use the wallet for multiple accounts?

No, one purse can be used with just one account.

Can I make money without investing anything?

Yes, we have developed a referral program. You will receive a 5% bonus on deposits from members you invited to the project. To do this, they must enroll in your account.
Your referral link will be available in the Personal Area after registration.

I can't find the answer to my question

Write us with the help of the form of "Support" or chat the live support team for clarifications